Teeside Airport

Recently renamed Durham Tees Valley Airport lies just five miles away from the town of Darlington in the North East of England, and is one of the airport success stories of the past few years. Like neighbouring Newcastle Airport it is owned in part by the local authorities that are nearby with the remainder being in private hands. With a million passengers using its up to date facilities every year, Teesside airport is a popular local hub that offers access to many European destinations and plenty of airports across the UK.

With a history, like many, as a former RAF base Teeside airport became a commercial flying centre in 1964 with a flight to Manchester. In 1969 the first flight to Heathrow took place, a signal that the airport was engaging a wider selection of destinations. Rapid growth followed, and the airport reached its current status only very recently after much investment.

Future improvements include the building of a number of hotels and an industrial estate adjacent to the airport site, and the further upgrading of the terminal buildings and associated facilities.

The airport has come under fire for its transport links; although easy to reach by road with excellent links from the nearby A1M, Teeside airport is promoted as having its own railway station. However, the station is served poorly – latest news says by only two trains weekly – and negotiations are underway with local rail networks to upgrade a less remote station as the airports dedicated rail link.

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