Prestwick Airport

Having been in operation since the middle of the 1930’s Prestwick Airport – sometimes known as Glasgow Prestwick Airport – is the oldest such site in Scotland, and although the second biggest in actual size in that country has fallen behind its busier rivals Edinburgh, Glasgow International and Aberdeen in terms of passenger use. Situated around 30 miles from the city of Glasgow, Prestwick Airport currently serves two million passengers with flights to many very popular European destinations and is a popular and well used local facility.

Prestwick Airport is notable in that it is the only airport in Scotland with a dedicated railway station, and as it is also easily accessible by road this makes it an attractive place from which to fly for a holiday. With excellent parking and very modern onsite facilities Prestwick is well established and is set to grow, and plans are in place to upgrade the airport so that it can handle the mighty Airbus A380, a must for any site wishing to fit in with the future of air travel.

Popular with no frills airlines that are the mainstay of the holiday season these days, Prestwick Airport is also an important strategic site for military aircraft and has a long history as a refuelling stop for RAF and USAF aircraft, making it a popular place for aircraft spotters. It is also said the Prestwick Airport is the only place in Britain that Elvis Presley every visited, when his USAF plane stopped to take on fuel in 1960, and there is now a lounge bearing his name at the airport to commemorate the fact.

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