Newcastle Airport

Just a few miles north of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne is Newcastle Airport, the 12th busiest airport in the United Kingdom and one that has benefited from much investment and improvement over the past few years. The airport has an interesting ownership as it is jointly owned by seven local authorities that are in its near vicinity, and 49% owned by Copenhagen Airport!

Newcastle Airport has its roots in an airfield that was opened at Cramlington, just a few miles away, in 1935 and the current site was utilised in the years following the war. Since then the airport has seen rapid growth and is now the busiest serving the North East of England.

The airport is well placed in an under populated area and is easily accessible by major dual carriageways, and also has links with the light rail ‘Metro; system that serves the area, and the facilities include a number of shops and cafes plus the usual bars, with adequate parking on site.

Direct flights to destinations as far flung as Dubai and Rhodes give an idea of the use the airport gets, and with passenger numbers topping five million annually it is clear this is no minor player in the airport stakes.

There is a major investment plan in place that intends to see up to ten million passengers using the facility in five years time, and the airport is also popular with cargo users including the Royal Mail. The required expansion is likely to be achieved if the recent such is anything to go by.

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