Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport holds the distinction of being the busiest airport in Britain outside of London. In terms of passenger numbers – close to 20 million passengers pass through each year – it is the fourth busiest airport in the country, and a thriving cargo trade means it ranks third in terms of aircraft movements.

Situated eight miles from the city of Manchester yet within easy reach thanks to excellent motorway connections and a dedicated rail link with on site station, Manchester Airport serves a part of the country that offers a heavily populated catchment area and is a popular with many of the world’s top airlines.

Flights to and from Manchester cover many of the world’s most popular destinations: Delta Airlines offers a scheduled regular flight to New York JFK, Pakistan Airlines has a regular route to Lahore and other destinations in Pakistan, Emirates provides frequent flying to Dubai and the middle east and every possible European destination is attainable as are locations in Canada and Barbados, the latter thanks to Virgin Atlantic.

Manchester’s three terminals are complete with a wide range of shops, bars and cafes and two runways make it a viable airport for any international carrier, while the up to date and very modern World Freight Terminal is one of the busiest in the world.

Ideally placed to expand and improve in the future, the former Ringway Airport is set to continue as the busiest and most forward thinking provincial airport in the UK, and one that is preferred by many travellers to the busier and more stressful London alternatives.

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