Luton Airport

Luton Airport – famous in the UK as a catch phrase from a TV advert – lies over 30 miles away from London and is considered one of the five London airports. Officially the fifth busiest airport in the UK, Luton handles almost ten million passengers a year and has up to the minute facilities including a wide range of shops as well as a number of nearby hotels.

The site was first developed as an airport in 1938 and quickly became a fighter base in the war years; after the war the airport was immediately returned to commercial use, although it is interesting to note that part of the site was used for the development of missiles in the 1940’s!

Luton Airport grew very quickly and was once the most profitable airport in the country, but the growth of competitors and the fragile state of the airline industry in the 60’s and 70’s saw it go through a number of shaky years.

Major recent developments have seen Luton dragged firmly into the 21st century with a very modern and attractive new terminal building that contains excellent facilities, and the airport is popular with airlines and services many destinations across Europe and the UK.

With excellent road links and a direct rail service via a dedicated station, Luton Airport remains well used and highly popular with travellers, and future expansion and improvement plans are in place to make sure it keeps its place as one of the top five airports in the UK.

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