Londonderry Airport

Properly known as the City of Derry Airport, Londonderry is situated just a few miles from Derry in Northern Ireland, and is a small facility that handles under 400,000 passengers yearly. With its origins as a world war two airbase, Londonderry first saw commercial flying in the 1960’s with an occasional service flying to Glasgow, but only opened on a regular commercial basis as an airport in the late 1970’s.

Since that time a great deal of investment by the local authorities has seen the place grow from a sparse field to a small but very modern and capable provincial passenger airport, and flights to Dublin, Manchester and Edinburgh – as well as seasonal scheduled run to Alicante – are regular and reliable.

The current improvement plans include an upgrade of the facilities to include further shops and cafes, a move that will increase the passenger through-flow and add appeal to airlines who want to move away from the busy Belfast airports. Londonderry is accessible by road and this is another area of improvement that is on the cards.

Many smaller airlines are interested in using the airport, a sign that bodes well for the future, and a second European destination – the popular holiday resort of Faro – is due to become a regular fixture soon.

Although unlikely to reach the heady heights of its bigger Northern Ireland brothers, Londonderry Airport has a promising catchment area that makes it a very viable prospect, and the investment planned should mean it is set for a bright future.

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