London City Airport

London City Airport, situated on a former docklands site seven miles from the centre of the city, is for the exclusive use of short take off and landing aircraft and serves the financial heart of the city. A very acute approach means the types of aircraft that can use the site are restricted, and therefore it is an airport that has a very definite and finely defined purpose.

First operational in 1988, the airport is used as a link between other provincial airports and is very popular indeed;  the latest passenger figures show London City Airport as handling almost three million passengers in a year, a colossal figure for such a small airport.

British Airways runs a regular service to New York JFK, and this is done by fuelling the aircraft to reach Shannon International in Ireland; once there the tanks are filled for the Atlantic crossing. This very popular service is almost unique in that it is carried out by specially modified aircraft with limited seating for a select business class clientele.

The airport is popular with executive business jets and has a special area committed to accommodating such arrivals, while regular journeys to a number of popular European destinations – Paris and Milan among them – cater for the businessman and the holiday maker alike. For those looking for overnight accommodation before flying there are a number of london hotel rooms situated near the airport with prices varying from hotel to hotel.

London City Airport may be restricted in size but there are ambitious plans for the future and it would seem that this type of executive flying is very much on the rise despite the current recession.

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