Leeds Airport

Leeds Airport is more correctly known as Leeds-Bradford International airport, and is these days a major player in the airport business in the north of England. Situated not far from the major city and conurbation of Leeds and the heavily populated Bradford area, the airport is the highest in the UK at almost 700 feet above sea level, and is among the top twenty busiest in the country in terms of passenger use.

One of a few airports to start life as a civilian airfield, Yeadon Aerodrome – as it was then – opened in 1931 as home to a local flying club and was expanded in 1935, the year in which the very first scheduled commercial flights – to London Heston and Newcastle Cramlington with North Eastern Airways – began.

A military base during the war, civil use resumed in 1947 and from then on the site has been expanded and updated continuously. Leeds-Bradford made its place in history when the very first charter flight to Spain left the airport in 1976, the era when the package holiday was king, and in 1984 the airport began transatlantic flights to Canada.

Nowadays the airport is used by over two and half million passengers a year who take advantage of its northern location and board flights to and from everywhere from Tenerife and Ibiza to Glasgow and the Isle of Man, proving the airports worth as a provider of a wide variety of different destinations. Modern and extensive facilities plus easy access make it a popular airport among many, and one that is set to continue its expansion in the face of local controversy and opposition.

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