Inverness Airport

The gateway by air to the highlands of Scotland is Inverness Airport, a small airport that plays host to over half a million passengers in a year and offers flights to airports all across Britain and a small selection of European destinations. Just a few miles from the town of Inverness, the airport is not in the league of its Scottish cousins at Glasgow and Edinburgh yet the passenger figures are very respectable for such a minor location.

First opened for commercial flights in the late 1940’s, the airfield had spent the war years – like many others – playing host to the military as an RAF base, and it was not until the 1970’s that regular flights to Heathrow cemented its future as a regular use commercial airport.

By the 1990’s Inverness Airport was home to Easyjet flights to such as Belfast, East Midlands, Newcastle and Manchester, meaning that the highland area was now in touch with practically the whole of the UK. These days the Flybe low cost airline is a major presence at Inverness and flies regularly to London Gatwick as well as Jersey and a few other domestic routes, and Inverness is also the home of the Highlands and Islands flight network which keeps the Scottish Islands in touch with the mainland.

Good road and bus links plus very pleasant and adequate facilities make Inverness Airport a pleasant place to travel to and from, and it is economically viable for those in the south of the country to fly to the highlands for a holiday thanks to the low cost airlines that provide the service.

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