Humberside Airport

Just 12 miles from the coastal town of Grimsby is Humberside Airport, a provincial airport that serves this area of the North East of England and has been receiving commercial flights since the early 1970’s. With intense competition from the likes of Leeds-Bradford and Doncaster Sheffield airports, neither being that far away, Humberside Airport is in a constant struggle for custom and does not offer as wide a range of destinations as its local rivals, but nevertheless sees over 300,000 passengers use its services each year at present.

Low landing and handling fees make the airport popular with flying clubs, and there are at least five that use the airport as a base, while it is also used as a base for helicopters servicing the North Sea oil rigs.

A Second World War bomber base from which Lancasters flew, the airfield lay unused until 1974 when the local authorities recognised the potential for a resident airport. It has had a steady use as a cargo operations base for flights to Iceland ever since, and is also used by a number of smaller airlines offering domestic and European destinations.

Flight to and from Amsterdam make up the vast majority of passenger movements while those to and from Aberdeen – most likely associated with the oil rigs – follow in a distant second place, but the airport is well equipped and easy to reach if a little lacking in 21st century facilities, while offering regular holiday flights to Palma, Greece and Cyprus.

A tidy and quiet provincial airport, it is difficult to see where the future of Humberside airport is heading.

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