We take it for granted that hotels are going to be part of our holidays, but how often do we think about how to get the very best deal in hotel accommodation? All too often we are prone to accept what we offer, to settle for the one nearest the beach or close to the nightlife, and forget that savings can be made, and many advantages had, by looking for a better hotel or a better price in a different location. After all, hotels play a vital part as the home from home when we are abroad, and we need to be certain that we are going to be well treated and cared for when we are away.

One of the major problems with hotels as a whole is that they are all different; each of us is aware of the star system that ranks hotels according to their quality, but this system also has considerable flaws in that standards can be allowed to fall – or to rise – in the time following the awarding of the current rating. This is why word of mouth is a good measure of how good hotels are; if you have friends or family who have visited the destination you are heading to then they can be a good source of information on a hotel to consider, or to avoid. Personal testimony, after all, is the best way of getting the truth.

There are many online guides to hotels, and these can be quite comprehensive and cover a wide variety and vast quantity of different destinations. Entering the name of the place you are visiting in a search engine will bring up tourist information and more, and you will be able to look over the website for many hotels that exist in that location.

Being able to choose your own hotel is, of course, a luxury for many package deals are made with certain hotels in mind, and while many of these are excellent deals that are worth considering some may have received a less than favourable press; reading the comments of those who have stayed on online guest books and travel forums can give one a good idea of the best hotels in particular destinations and countries.

One thing to consider when talking of hotels is the level of service that you are expecting and, more importantly, paying for; you are not going to get five star service at a two star hotel, and even the best hotels compete with each other to provide the best possible facilities, so check what is available on the site before committing to a particular one. Your travel agent may be able to recommend hotels in certain areas, and this can be a very good way of getting the name of good hotels to choose between for dissatisfied customers will not be afraid to tell the booker that they were unhappy with the facilities.

Hotels are there to provide us with a comfortable and enjoyable place to stay, facilities for eating and drinking, and often much more, and play an integral part in the success and enjoyment of any holiday, and this is why they should not be considered anything other than one of the most important aspects of any vacation, no matter how long or how short. Across the world there is a vast choice of hotels in every destination – use it to your advantage to find the best placed, best value location for your stay.

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