Heathrow Airport

It is safe to say that Heathrow Airport needs no introduction; in terms of passengers using the airport it is the second busiest in the world, and is the busiest anywhere other than the USA. A mammoth airport that is used by just about all of the world’s major carriers, Heathrow is home to British Airways, and has five main terminals – the latest of which, the controversial Terminal 5, has been the subject of many news stories since it opened in 2008.

Controversy aside, Heathrow airport is a major success story that has achieved a great deal in a short space of time; an airfield since the 1930’s – although not a major one as London was, back then, served by Croydon Airport – Heathrow had three runways in place by the late 1940’s and was already receiving foreign traffic. Just sixty years later it was servicing over 50 million passengers yearly and now sees an annual usage of just under 70 million passengers in a given year, an unimaginable amount not that long ago.

A stunning set of facilities is spread out across the site – Heathrow airport is practically a city in its own right – and the sheer breadth of what is offered is breathtaking, and the expansion continues apace with a current controversial push to build a third runway that would see the airport elevated to world leading status.

Most people who take a holiday during their lifetime in the UK will have some experience of Heathrow – it is an aviation landmark that is simply iconic.

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