Gatwick Airport

The second busiest airport in the UK is London’s Gatwick airport, and it is also the busiest single runway airport in world as well as being the 28th busiest airport worldwide. Gatwick is used by charter airlines that prefer it to the super-busy Heathrow, and has seen as many as 35 million passengers use the facilities in a single year. The average annual figure is somewhere around 30 million.

Easily reached by road and rail with direct transfers, Gatwick is a 21st century airport with very modern facilities and the two terminals feature a wide range of shops and other facilities; parking is capacious and the choice of hotels vast and varied. Once a military airfield – like just about every other airport in the country – the airport was, however, originally a civil airfield formed by a local flying club, and began commercial flights as long ago as the 1930’s.

Gatwick airport is home to many of Britain’s smaller airlines and has been so historically across the years, and predated big brother Heathrow by at least 20 years; it is regarded by many frequent travellers as by far the more comfortable airport to travel from and is a popular stop over airport for many long haul routes.

Plans are in place for £1 billion investment programme that will put Gatwick airport firmly on the map as the traveller’s airport of choice, and the recent concerns over the new runway at Heathrow mean that the future of the airport is brighter that it has ever been during its long and illustrious history.

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