Doncaster Airport

Correctly named Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield, Doncaster Airport – as it is more commonly known – is situated a few miles to the south of Doncaster on the site of what was once RAF Finningley. A popular local airport that serves the Sheffield and Doncaster area of Yorkshire, it is the second busiest airport in the county after the much bigger Leeds-Bradford, and sees almost a million passengers through its gates on an annual basis.

Finningley Airfield has a rich aviation history having been first opened in 1915 as a Royal Flying Corps base, and in the First World War was an active military airfield. The base was also a busy and important training school in the Second World War, and it was a base for a nuclear armed Vulcan Bomber squadron during the Cold War. Following decommissioning in 1995 it was opened as a commercial airport in 2005, and is popular with the low budget airlines that are often the mainstay of smaller provincial airports.

Flights to such destinations as Dublin, Alicante, Amsterdam and Prague – among many others – are warmly welcomed by locals who use the airport as a stepping stone to their annual holidays, and the UK’s newest international airport is also home to a flying school. The onsite facilities, being brand news, are fresh and modern and excellent road links, plus a planned direct rail link, make it an easily accessible site. It remains to be seen how far the airport can be developed in the future, but the popular demand seen in the short time it has been open proves it was worth the risk.

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