Coventry Airport

Coventry Airport, situated a few miles from the city from which it takes its name, had a long and illustrious history up until the point where the owners announced its closure in late 2009. The problems that led to the closure of this once busy airport stemmed from operational difficulties regarding the companies that owned the site, and the closure of Coventry Airport resulted in the sad loss of 70 jobs.

Once a thriving provincial airport with regular flights by a number of smaller operators to both domestic and European destinations, Coventry Airport is – at the time of writing – used solely by the local air ambulance service, but there are negotiations ongoing with Patriot Aviation for the purchase and revival of the site.

First created as a civil airport in 1936, the site was used as an RAF base in the Second World War and was badly damaged in the blanket bombing of Coventry in 1940. By the 1950’s the base was up and running again as a civil airport for both passengers and freight and by the 1980’s was providing regular scheduled flights to airports in Spain, Italy, Austria and many more countries.

Scheduled jet flights began in around 2004 when the airport was sold – one of many such sales in its history – to a new owner, and it is around this time that the troubles leading to the closure began. Well placed and potentially a very viable site, it is to be hoped that the current rescue package results in another revival for this useful provincial airport.

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