Car Hire

If you are taking a holiday abroad then car hire may well be part and parcel of the journey. Being able to travel around the surrounding areas of your chosen location gives you extra freedom to explore the country you are visiting, and car hire can be surprisingly affordable and actually save money in the overall package.

Car hire can be undertaken as part of a package deal – some holiday companies offer it as part of the package deal you take out – or can be organised separately, and it is up to the individual to decide which is the best option. Indeed, there are many car hire operators based at UK airports where you can organise the deal before you fly, or you can take on a deal in the country that you are visiting. The language barrier may add complications to doing a deal in your destination, and there is much advice available on car hire on both the internet and in holiday publications.

One common complaint that people indulging in car hire abroad have is that the company can build in extra charges that the hirer is unaware of until the term is over; this can be difficult to see when dealing in a foreign language, so unless you are fluent in the local language it is advisable to find a car hire company that deals in English. Many foreign airports feature depots for the bigger international car hire companies, and these should be able to help you in the best and easiest to understand terms.

There are so many options that can be incorporated into a car hire deal that it can be difficult to understand what you are paying for, and this is another reason why an English language company is better to deal with. What may look like a more expensive deal can be a great saving when you actually understand the terms correctly.

One way to gain added security in car hire abroad is to pay with a credit card, as this gives you the extra consumer rights that you have automatically with all credit card purchases. Further advice includes the careful reading of the hire agreement – including the dreaded small print which can conceal additional costs – and making sure you are absolutely certain that adequate insurance cover is included in the deal. Furthermore, it can be advisable to undertake a separate insurance policy to cover any excess you may be liable for in the result of an accident, and this also needs to be fully and firmly understood before agreement is made.

Making sure that the car is in good condition before you take it away is also vital; if you discover even the smallest blemish or dent you must make a note of it on a diagram that will be provided, and also get someone from the hire company to sign that they have also witnessed it; too many people take out a car hire deal and then are charged for damage that was already present, yet have no proof.

Check the tyres, and the spare, and also check the amount of fuel in the car, and when you return home keep an eye on your credit card statements as some of the more unscrupulous foreign car hire companies have been known to take out added charges in the hope the hirer does not notice.

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