Airport Parking

Something of a necessity to many of us, airport parking can be a very expensive part of a holiday budget, and should be considered and analysed carefully in advance. Being able to park for long or short periods at the airport from which you are flying offers great convenience, for you may not be able to take a flight from your local airport, and the fact that you know your car will be there when you return adds to the convenience factor.

So how do you make sure you are getting the best deal on airport parking ? There are many ways to ensure that you are paying as little as possible for the best service, but not all of them will be available to everyone. For example, advance booking of airport parking at many of the countries airports can result in considerable savings hence planning ahead is very much in your favour. Of course, this only applies to those people who are aware of where they are going and when, and have booked their deal, while many people will be travelling at short notice and unable to take advantage of the savings available.

If you can book in advance it is very much to your advantage, but if not there are other ideas that can help you get the best of your airport parking. Different airports will offer different rates, and sometimes it is worth your while asking around the area for places where your car can be left for a length of time. Of course, you need to know that the chosen place is secure and convenient, and the best people to ask are the major car park operators such as NCP. Usually the on site airport parking facilities are very secure and within easy reach of the airport itself, but be prepared for a journey between where you park your car and the actual airport terminal.

This journey is often undertaken by a regular bus service; sometimes this is free and other times it is subject to a charge, so it pays again to check with the airport and operators for further information. One clever way of saving a day’s parking charges is to make sure that you leave late in the day and return early, hence minimising the time that your car is in the space provided, while in some cases you can actually save money by combining an overnight hotel stay with the parking that follows – look for these deals on line and in the travel brochures.

The added advantages of airport parking are mainly based around security; you want to be sure that your car will be safe from thieves and vandals where you leave it, and you need assurance that the site is properly manned and secured – after all, that is what you are paying good money for. Check for reports of thefts and other security issues, and ask for information on insurance that should be provided by the parking company.

All in all, airport parking is something that is there for your convenience, so be prepared and make sure that you get the right deal at the right price.

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