Aberdeen airport

Aberdeen airport is a provincial airport in Scotland next to the town of Aberdeen which has a wide range of both domestic and international flights on offer. One of the BAA group of airports, Aberdeen airport is widely used and has seen considerable growth over the recent years, and the most popular destinations flown to from the site are those in the Netherlands.

Using the latest figures almost 3.5 million passengers pass through Aberdeen airport in a given year, this making it a viable hub for many international flights, and while not on the level of the busier UK provincial airport it is an important location for many airlines. The airport is surprisingly close to the city that bears its name, at less than six miles, and has one major passenger terminal.

Parking is available on site at Aberdeen airport for those wishing to leave their vehicles while on holiday, and the onsite facilities include a range of shops, coffee shops and duty free outlets. There is a Thistle Hotel attached to the airport itself and more hotels between the site and the nearby town of Dyce, and in the airport itself there are areas for internet access provided.

Regular flights to London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle and many other airlines also feature, and the airport is in regular use by many cargo carriers as well as being a hub location for the bmi airline.

Opened in 1934 with the intention of linking Scotland to London, Aberdeen airport has seen service as a military base, and is now well established on the UK airport scene.

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